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October 2017

Kate’s Arguing Advice: Inspired by Rachel Drummond

When you decide to wade into an argument, ESPECIALLY if you are the lone dissenting voice:


Otherwise you have to be a dedicated Boolean (look it up) and, as Daniel Keys Moran often notes, you have to be able to type REALLY FAST.

Also, pickyourbattles, pick your battles, PICK YOUR BATTLES!!!!

Are you a lone white woman walking into a morass of misogynoir? Stop, collaborate and listen. Actually, not so much collaborate, but stop and fucking listen. Do not engage mouth/fingers unless you’re willing to have your head ripped off by not only the black men in the room, but the women too. Pack behavior is a thing, don’t invite it. (Yeah I know, I do it all the time, but I don’t really have a choice, because most of the people in my world, are white. It’s also my fucking world, so there.)

Rhetoric is a -skill-. Treat it like one.

When you do step into quicksand, the first thought should be “Do I have to do this?” If not, extricate self, go on about day. You may want to have a store of parting shots.

By the way, wrt parting shots, when l’esprit d’escalier visits you, WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN! You likely will get to use it later, just when you need it.

Develop a rapport with your readerate. My friends know when I call someone “Sparky” shit about to go down. Sometimes I can smell the popcorn.

Use the tech you have: Try keeping two FB windows up at once. One is the conversation you’re watching. The other is your commentary on watching it. Make use of the “Only Me” posting option, until you have time to go back and write it up properly.

If you’re really trying to change hearts-n-minds, do it well, which means planning, prep, practice. Go my people, and annoy.

Gun Violence: A Public Health Perspective

As someone tasked with making the individuals and society healthier, guns absolutely cause more injuries and deaths than pretty much any other vector. As someone tasked with keeping the cost of health care down, that cost took a huge jump today with over 200 people injured, some who will never fully recover. As a medical professional focused on reducing loss of life by accident or intent, guns provide the mechanism by which many of these incidents occur.

It’s about results. It’s about how much those results cost our society.