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“Why is this so complicated? P.T. Barnum fed his lions the odd knob of bone and kitchen garbage!”

“To be fair Auntie, he wasn’t trying to breed them. I also think you’re overlooking hundreds to possibly thousands of years of animal husbandry wrt lions, tigers, leopards, etc. We just don’t have that huge knowledge base to draw from, here.”

“They have the best quality fodder we can find!”

“Yes, for ruminants and horses. There’s…something we don’t know. Their smoothie is off”.

We looked at each other and then broke into helpless laughter. For years I had a single fruit and protein smoothie every day, claiming that without it I felt “off”. Now it was the dinos’ turn. Tension broken, Leo turned back to his work.

I stalked back to my room by going outside in the heat. I didn’t want to talk to anyone just now. I sat down at my desk, staring at nothing in particular but feeling the weight of hand-written notebooks, not to mention terabytes of data, I’d accumulated in just getting this far. No one else had managed to hatch even a first generation yet. I couldn’t publish until all the patents came through, including the ones I hadn’t filed yet for this process that was 60% failing. I’d punch a wall if it would help. Instead I pressed the heels of my hands over my eyes and watched the pretty patterns. “I need someone who knows more than I do about dinosaurs”.

From the doorway came a low chuckle, “No one knows more than you do about living dinosaurs.”

Well, shit.