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Poor, Pitiful Me(n)

National Public Radio (NPR) reported this morning that numbers of males born in the U.S is declining faster than predicted. It got me to thinking.
The U.S. is going to seem much more hostile to men over the next twenty years or so. Fewer of them will be around, due to a combination of factors, including: prisons are packed full of males, medical training is majority female, and women are coming to control more and more of the positions of power. It’s even worse if one is white and male, because you can add “minority” to the dimension of “female” they are going to be forced to deal with as they age and become more sensitive and resistant to, change.

The whining has already begun. I read a lot, and in every race thread, there is a sizable contingent of white males who moan and complain that either women or minorities or both are vastly favored over the poor little white male.

I can see where they’re coming from, and I have only this to offer: they did it to themselves.

Seriously. Had they treated the native inhabitants of this land well, had they not enslaved almost any other group they came across, had they followed the instructions of their gods to love their neighbors, well, they wouldn’t be in such a large vat of vinegar at the moment, now, would they?

Had they taken the time to apologize for all the crap we know they’ve been doing for lo, these X years of written history, then perhaps people would be willing to forgive and/or forget.
But, nooooooooooo. They demand we forget, “Slavery is over. It’s done with. Nobody living has ever been hurt by it.”

Really? Have you been watching the news from Mississippi this week? Forty years ago, three guys (among hundreds of others) were murdered because they thought blacks should have the ability and right to vote.

Forty years. That’s not such a long time ago, now is it? I bet there are people still alive who were hurt by this. Mickey Schwerner’s wife, for one.

It’s only slightly redeeming to realize that many of the defenders of past injustices hardly seem to know what they’re actually saying. I actually had this discussion with a Southerner once.

Southerner: “Well, had General X not screwed up, we would have won the war.”
Me: So, winning would have been a good thing for the slaves, too?
Southerner: The War wasn’t about slavery. It was about the economy.
Me: Oh, so, despite the fact that slaves were legally property, which could be sold, bought, invested in, and from which equity could be derived, they were not part of the economy? They were goods! They were what the economy was built upon. They made the Southern economy profitable. Yet the War was not about them, it was about some other economy? Which one was that?
Southerner: I was just saying General X screwed up.
Me: Had he not, the South would have won and that would be good, right?
Southerner: Right.
Me: And the slaves?
Southerner: It’s not about them. It’s the economy.
Me: (suppressing great frustration) Oh good grief, whatever. You go with that.
Southerner: Why are you mad, now?

By then I had Jack Nicholson stalking around my skull screaming “You can’t handle the truth!”
I don’t think men will be able to, either. The U.S. and much of the world will continue to
feminize, which to them will feel like all the women are against them, and not in the good way. They will have more female Senators, bosses, and most of their doctors will be female. Turn your head and cough, sir.

My personal most pleasant fantasy of this is that after years of high-decibel monster truck rallies, professional wrestling shows, concerts, and umpteen hundred dollar bass boosters in cars, my generation of men will be reduced to shriveled wheelchair occupants screaming “Wha’d you say, beeyotch!” at the (mostly male) nursing staff.

The majority of women will visit them once a week, then get back to running the world.

Published by LNews 7-10-2005

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